SPECIAL REPORT from Waterway Guide for September 8, 2017

September 8, 2017
Message From the Editor

Waterway Guide is providing regular updates on marina closures, waterway issues and more. If you have knowledge of issues related to Hurricanes Harvey or Irma, please send them to us so they can be shared with other boaters.

Click for Waterway Guide’s hurricane updates.

Waterway Guide’s

Hurricane Hacks for Boat, Home & Phone

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FL & Gulf Coast Port & Waterway Updates

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Anchoring for Irma: Loads on Ground Tackle

Read More

jpegWhere to Put the 40K Boats Registered in Palm Beach County?

Read More

USCG Begins Post-Irma Port Assessments Around the Caribbean

Read More

Boaters in Miami

Double-Down on

Lines & Bumpers

Read More

jpegPrepping the Boats in Jacksonville

Read More

Coastal Treasures at Risk from Irma’s Fury

Read More

Charleston, SC Boaters Brace for a Hit

Read More

Red Cross Establishes Family Reunification Hotline

Read More

Hurricane Irma: Questions Answered for Floridians

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Photo of the Week

HOOK AN RUN, a 35ft Jaws, is battened and moored at Long Island in The Bahamas.

Photo courtesy of Chavez Turnquest.

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Important Navigation News
Port Canaveral – Restricted Operations and Bridge Closures

Lake Okeechobee – Locks Closing to Traffic

Port of Miami – Restricted Operations and Bridge Closures

Port of Key West – Closed

Ports of Houston & Galveston – Status Report

Port of Corpus Christi – Status Report

Hurricane Harvey: Boaters to the Rescue

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