News from Waterway Guide for July 5, 2017

More News is available and updated daily at!
More News is available and updated daily at!
July 5, 2017
News Feature

Cuba’s Food Scene:

Exploring Havana’s Paladares, Cantinas, Fincas & Beyond

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Trending News
Passage of Canadian Bill Makes Access Easier for U.S. Boaters & Anglers

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Rainbow Racing to Champion Diversity

in Yacht Racing

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Cancer Survivor Finishes Great Loop Journey in a Dinghy

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Giving a Dam Could Derail Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Efforts

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Coast Guard Faces Challenges at Sea &

the Budget Office

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Waterway Guide Explorer Provides

Free, One-Stop Information Shopping

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Polk County Spill Creates Milkyway

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Researchers Gain New Insights Into Manatees

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Women’s Sailing Network Celebrates

20 Years

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Tangier Island:

A Losing Battle

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The Return of Merlin and The Wizard

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The "Cloud Shelf of Doom" that crossed over the Chesapeake Bay. Photo by David McCulloch.

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